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layout PLEASE [Monday;October.30.06 9;48pm]

i was wondering if i showed you all a layout i liked, could you help me create a code for it? or for one like it?
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Hey [Monday;July.24.06 12;56pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hello i'm new to all this and I just want a really sweet looking Journal. I don't really know everything about all this I just know that I want a Kingdom Hearts or a Unicorn Layout and stuff....HELP!!!

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Layout request! [Sunday;July.09.06 4;01pm]


My request is quite specific so feel free to tell me where to go!

Request under hereCollapse )

Oh, also, I posted at iwantthatlayout but I waited so long that I gave up and told them not to bother.  So you are the only people I've asked to work on the layout!

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[Sunday;February.05.06 2;25pm]

33 Lost Icons from Pilot Part 2
1 The Neverending Story Header
1 Lord of the Rings Header
1 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Header

Teasers: ......

Click here:

I also made three layouts.
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
- Arwen and Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings
- The Neverending Story
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[Saturday;February.04.06 10;35pm]

I made a Neverending story layout here:


If I am not suppose to put this in your community, then please ban me so I won't do it again. Thanks :).
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[Friday;January.27.06 5;18pm]

I made a layout for the abc show LOST. If you are interested in this layout, or requesting a different one, click here:

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Request [Wednesday;December.28.05 4;38pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here, please.Collapse )

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[Friday;December.16.05 5;03pm]

5 layouts for you. I made them a while ago and am just sharing them now!

You can click the tester journals to view them and then click the links if you want to get them!

sin_city_tester, get it HERE

hbp_tester, get it HERE

hog_champ_test, get it HERE

paramore_tester, get it HERE

eragon_tester, get it HERE

I won't be making layouts for awhile probably. Sorry. Unless people request some or something.
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[Thursday;December.15.05 10;36pm]

This is an Eowyn Layout that I made a long time ago that I am sharing now.

Style: Generator
Website: Yes
Custom Colors: In coding
Browser(s) Compatable:IE, maybe firefox. If not then comment.
Credit: Already in sidebar. Don't take it out!

Comment if you are taking.

Preview: eowyn_tester

Click here to get the layout!!
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[Saturday;December.10.05 9;53pm]

I made two layouts. One is Shirley Manson from the band Garbage and the other one is a Hermione/Ron layout.

Style: Generator
Website: Yes
Custom Colors: In coding
Browser(s) Compatable:IE, Mozilla Firefox, maybe more...
Credit: Already in sidebar.

Comment if you are taking.

Preview: manson_tester, hr_r_tester

Click here for more info:
Shirley Manson - http://www.livejournal.com/users/phoenixdragon06/39152.html
Hermione/Ron - http://www.livejournal.com/users/phoenixdragon06/38670.html#cutid1
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[Wednesday;November.30.05 12;12am]

I have a layout request

HereCollapse )
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[Friday;November.25.05 4;18pm]

I made a Peanuts layout. (not the food...like Snoopy).

You can view it at peanuts_tester

and you can get this layout here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/phoenixdragon06/34897.html#cutid1
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[Thursday;September.15.05 9;47pm]

Hey everyone! I just joined because I am in desperate need of a new layout. I don't have many ideas but I'd like the layout to be based on one of these icons and/or pics, I really don't have a specific request(except id like the comment thing to say "1 made her feel beautiful" and "she wants someone to make her feel beautiful...or something along those lines...thanks!)...so have fun with it? lol. Thanks in advance!!~Jessika


icons and pics under cutCollapse )
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[Sunday;August.21.05 9;57am]

pretty please?Collapse )
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Favor. [Thursday;July.28.05 1;46pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Can one of you guys do me a favor and resize this picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/deadangel_00/Starbackground.gif) I want to use it for my livejournal background. Much thanks in advance. =)

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[Wednesday;July.27.05 10;32pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Layout HelpCollapse )

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[Sunday;June.05.05 11;11am]

Page title: Hey ray ray

Where would you like your entries? (right, left, center, etc.):
center, but i would like it so that the entries cant be seen at first,
you have to scroll down a little to get to it.

Width of Entries (thin, normal, wide): normal

What type of border?(dashed, dotted, double, solid, inset,
outset, or none):solid

- size:(1 being very thin and 10 being the thickest)2
- color: #00C000

Link colors:
- active: #00C000
- visited: #00C000
- unvisited: #00C000
- hover:#00C000

Link effects (Blur, Glow, Letter Spacing, Overline, Underline
and/or Overline, Line-Through, Uppercase, Lowercase, Border, Bold,
Italic, Underline, Etc.): letter spacing

Cursor: arrow, hand over links

Background color: white

Background color for journal entries: white

Background URL:

Background placement: center, as in middle of the page, i would like it so that when you
first open the page, all you see is the apple. then you scroll down and
the entries come up. If possible, i would like it so that the entries
dont fully cover the appple, so that you can still somewhat see it.

Font: ariel

Font color: #00C000
Font size:12

Scrollbar colors: outline: #00C000 inside: white

Page Transition: circle in

What do you want your comments to say?:
- Post Comment: apples
- # of Comments: (number of comments)eat

Any blinkie you want in between your comments?: no thanks

If so, what? (Please provide a URL or image): see above

Is there anything else you want?: no thank you, just let me know
if the whole entry over apple thing isnt possible, then maybe ill see
if i like it how it is, or whether i want to look for a bigger apple

Comments For Us: Thanks so much, and I will credit you!

Do you want us to email you the overrides or send them to you
through AIM: email

Email: punkinpie429@yahoo.com

AIM: TH1S 1S GUMBY (the i's are actually ones)

Do you know how to put overrides into your journal?-- no, but
with some instruction i think i can
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[Thursday;December.30.04 10;38pm]

layoutlove Is CLOSED for right now. Any future posts will be deleted. Thank-you.
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help please! [Wednesday;December.29.04 2;36am]

heyy! i have no idea how to make my lj all pretty and stuff, so i was wondering if you guys could help me!

help!Collapse )
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[Monday;December.27.04 12;33am]


requestCollapse )

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